3D maritim network



3D maritim pursues the vision to make ship crews aware of the ship and its operation by using Virtual and Augmented Reality. A higher flexibility in training as well as reduced costs with a constantly high training level are the motivation for this topic.

Current R&D topics:

  • Virtual, collaborative crew training
  • Augmented Reality for operating and maintenance manuals of technical systems
  • Digital preparation of certification measures

MarOpTra Research Project

Operating and training support for ships and offshore facilities using 3D computer graphics.

A modular tool, MarOpTra-3D, is being developed for efficient creation of maritime training environments, bringing together various kinds of information: 3D models, knowledge of maritime systems and their operation as well as process skills for operations. This makes it possible to deploy in many areas to create maritime training environments: for safety training, familiarization, classifying inspectors, etc. For this, it is necessary to develop and implement tools which make it possible to use new technologies for training and learning processes. A significant characteristic that sets MarOpTra-3D apart is its generic data structure from which a light-weight, open 3D model can be derived using available 3D data or 2D plans. In addition, processes and goals are defined in the authoring process; the trainee's ability to master these is assessed in an evaluation component. This project idea was developed with close attention paid to the needs of shipyards, IT firms and research institutions.