3D maritim network



Ships and offshore sites are specialist products with high demands for efficiency and quality throughout the entire product life cycle. All processes, from draft via production all the way to operation, can be supported by 3D computer graphics. The administration and use of the complex and very large data amounts as well as the environmental conditions this capital equipment is exposed to require customized IT solutions. In the future, real-time capable visualizations and image processing are to secure designs, provide guidance for maintenance and repair or route captains.

The development and introduction of 3D graphic solutions for the maritime industry is the common goal of the partners in the 3D maritim network of excellence. The group covers all areas of 3D computer graphics and provides a comprehensive range of products as well as design and consulting services for maritime applications.

3D technologies allow the network partners to develop new products and services. The application areas range from virtual design review, where you can cooperatively “dive into” the 3D model, via the issues of 3D data management in terms of security aspects all the way up to three-dimensional nautical charts and training environments for crew training.